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  • Post Conviction Criminal Matters

  • The Law Office of Brian F. O’Malley offers an array of services to Defendants who have been convicted of offenses and find themselves in need of additional legal services related to their conviction. These matters include:


    Mr. O’Malley’s experience and knowledge in the Probation system provide a strong back drop against which the Law Firm is able to defend charges of violation of probation, and assist clients in moving their lives in a direction that will result in minimizing the penalties for violations of standard or special conditions of probation.  Similarly, the Law Firm staff is fully familiar with the rules and requirements of the I.S.P. program, and can assist clients in this area both before and after release from custody.

  • Free Evaluation of Your Post Conviction Criminal Circumstances

    Feel free to contact us for a free case evaluation. In all cases, please provide a detailed description of the charges you were convicted of, and the sentence that was imposed. Also include a summary of your prior record, your family history, your employment history, positive references from your community, and any other relevant information about yourself. In the case of a probation violation, include a description of the alleged violations, as well as any steps you have taken to bring yourself into compliance.